"The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience." 

(Eleanor Roosevelt)

Injury or illness should not stop us from imagining or pursuing dreams.

Reduced confidence should not stop us from pursuing our career goals.

Be your best you.  We've got this!

AHP Supervision & Mentoring

An opportunity to reflect, grow, aspire and move to action to achieve the personal and professional life you dream of. 

Sessions can cover entrepreneurship and clinical skills applications.

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"Specialists, Professionals & Therapists - linking interdisciplinary & international groups, helping therapy succeed."

Our online membership featuring special interest groups, chat forums, opportunities to learn, connect and collaborate. Come and join us!

Membership includes opportunities to join our communities that evolve with our members - currently including the Posture Care Management Special Interest Group and The OT Tribe

Be you - be amazing!

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Postural Care Services

Providing assessment and intervention for people with postural asymmetry, mobility impairments, and those spending extended time in bed or wheelchair where body posture and body structures are at risk.

We consider 24 hour postural needs, functional goals, seating and stability requirements to optimise the person's engagement, transfers, comfort and independence.

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Neuro OT Services

Occupational Therapy services for adults with neurological disabilities, but also those with medical, autoimmune or age-related conditions. 

This services is for adults (18 years and older) who want to:

  • have a collaborative and enjoyable rehabilitation journey,
  • reach further goals that may not have been met within statutory service provision,
  • consider both cognitive and physical skills to achieving the life they want.

Life is for living to the fullest, to dream, to get up to mischief and to have fun.  Learn how we can support you or your loved one.

Neuro OT services also include assessment and rehabilitation for those involved within the medicolegal process.

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Here we share good news, adventures, laughs, newsletters, updates, and random feel-good information. Most of the time this is shared via Instagram or Facebook, however we're working on building our presence here on our own website, too. 

"Bridget consistently helps me to see the next step I could take, what lights me up and where I'm getting in my own way. I come away from coaching sessions excited, encouraged to believe in myself again and envisioned ..."

 (Zoe - Occupational Therapist)

"Thank you so much for today. You are WONDERFUL!! How lucky we are to have you help on this difficult journey." 

Wife of client receiving Neuro OT Services


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Living life to the fullest 

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Bridget graduated in South Africa before moving to the U.K. She is passionate about promoting the confidence to dream both personally and professionally, which underpins her Occupational Therapy practice and approach to person-centred goal setting.


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